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About the Brand


Masha and The Bear, Ltd., is committed to the promotion and maintenance of responsible international labor practices in its licensing and direct sourcing operations throughout the world. Contracted Masha and The Bear licensees are responsible for adhering to the same practices.

How to Submit a Proposal
Masha and The Bear licensees should meet the following requirements:
1) Your company must have a minimum of five years experience in manufacturing and distribution.
2) Your company must be a manufacturer, NOT a middleman or distributor.
3) Your company must have five years prior experience in the product category being proposed.

Please note: Meeting these qualifications in no way implies or guarantees that you will be granted a Masha and The Bear license.

If your company meets the above criteria, please send us the following information:

Information about your company
Company name:
Company address:
Company phone number:
Executive contact:
Key executive biographies:
Past company experience in consumer products
Top line public financial information about your company:
Short explanation of why you want to become a Masha and The Bear Licensee:
Send us your product catalog or sell sheets.

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In order to learn about the current brand portfolio, please, find the Consumer Products catalogue.